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Elder Care Consultation & End of Life Doula Services
before, during, and after

Creating a Sacred Transition

We travel this earth swift and light.  It is in love we appear and it is in love  we disappear.  The journey  at times requires guided inspiration ~ Inspired By Jen 

When we enter life or leave life it is a beautiful, spiritual, and sacred process.

This service is a huge calling for Jen; a life purpose.  Having experienced first hand, the opportunities within the health care service industry to create a more supportive loving and sacred environment, Jen's mission is to help support as many through this process as possible.  It is an inevitable outcome for us all and why not have it be as loving, supportive and transparent as possible?

Losing a loved one is never easy, but with the support of Jen it can help provide transition for all involved.   End of Life Support provides clarity, advocacy, transparency, with family members along with medical staff.  It can help everyone prepare and plan to allow for closure, and for the one leaving to feel loved and supported achieving any last goals they feel they need.

End of life support can give everyone tools for emotional processing, preparation for what to expect during and after and an ease knowing someone else is looking after all of it.

You can relax and allow yourself to let go knowing Jen is thinking of all aspects of this process.  Whether you know you have a year, a few months, or something that feels sudden with yourself or a loved one.  Jen offers a wide variety of support for those fortunate enough to be able to plan. Jen provides comfort, guidance, and presence before, during and after death for individuals and their family/caregivers.

EOL Doula services include:

  1. advance care planning

  2. planning for end-of-life care

  3. talking with family members about end-of-life decisions

  4. finding comfort and services through the dying process

  5. selecting quality respite providers while focusing on the quality of life for both you and your loved one during all stages

  6. vigiling for client and family

  7. Together, she will create a plan for supported end of life care at home

EOL Doula services may be provided in addition to Hospice care.

EOL Occupational Therapy Services (End-of-Life Occupational Therapy) services include:

  • assessing, modifying and educating caregivers and clients on environmental safety including:

  • home modifications

  • fall prevention

  • transfers

  • accessibility

  • equipment needs

  • activities of daily living (self care, bathing, dressing, grooming, social & leisure activities, and spiritual practice)

  • blending meaningful activities into the day to preserve or improve physical, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual quality of life.

Both services may include:

  • reiki energy healing for relaxation and pain management

  • carrying out your bucket list

  • your best 3 Months of life mapping

  • emotional processing

  • life review & assistance with legacy planning.

Please note: Hospice Home Care agencies offer occupational therapy services in combination with other services when there is a need. Jen is available to partner with your Homecare agency to offer specialized EOL occupational therapy services. Ask how!

This service is designed to create a warm, loving experience as you or your loved ones prepare for the final phase of life and is meant to "bridge the gap." Ask about packages and availability.

End of Life Services Navigating this sacred transition: Welcome
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