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Pregnant belly

prenatal care

Doulas offer non-medical compassionate support throughout pregnancy. I specialize in providing personalized emotional, educational, and physical assistance to expectant parents. With me, you'll receive ongoing guidance as we navigate pregnancy challenges, prepare for childbirth, and advocate for your birth preferences. I utilize techniques such as reiki and various comfort measures to alleviate discomfort, ensuring a nurturing and empowering prenatal journey!

labor & delivery support

I provide compassionate labor and delivery doula services designed to support you and your partner through every stage of childbirth. As your doula, I offer unwavering emotional support, comfort, and encouragement throughout labor, ensuring you feel empowered and reassured during this transformative experience.


I advocate for your birth preferences and provide guidance on relaxation techniques, positioning, and comfort measures to enhance your comfort and well-being. My goal is to create a nurturing and supportive environment where you feel empowered to make informed decisions and embrace the journey of bringing new life into the world.

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