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Services are listed below. I look forward to connecting!
Click BOOK NOW for booking or on GET MORE INFO for more details.

Services: Text
Book with Me Now
  • Book a call to see if working together would be a great fit.

    30 min
  • Are you feeling stuck or going through a life transition?

    1 hr
    105 US dollars
  • Advance Directive Review or Development with your loved ones. I'll exp...

    2 hr
  • It's like an energy massage! Provides a sense of calm, peace, and bala...

    1 hr
    85 US dollars
  • Are you caring for aging parents? Let me help!

    1 hr
  • Prepare for your final months, weeks or days

    2 hr
    hourly & packages
  • I am a guiding light during times of distress, grief, worry, confusion...

    1 hr
    hourly & packages
  • As an occupational therapist, Jen will modify each activity so you so...

    1 hr
    hourly and packages
  • What type of legacy do you want to leave behind once you are gone?

    4 hr
    hourly & package
  • Mobile Occupational Therapy

    45 min
Services: List
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