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End of Life (EOL) Doula Service

My goal is to uphold your specific EOL wishes, support your loved ones, & advocate on your behalf

As an End of Life (EOL) Doula I have the compassion to step into a situation where many may feel uncomfortable. 

This is a non medical  holistic support to the dying and their loved one in the last phases of life, during and after death.  There is so much fear and anxiety about death, our own and our loved ones.  Death is a natural process.  We will all experience the dying process at one time or another.  Talking about death doesn’t make it happen, but talking about it with an EOL Doula will help educate and support you.  It is empowering to be aware of what to expect and interventions that are available.  This lifts the anxiety and allows for a more peaceful and comfortable end of life transition for a dying person and their loved ones. 

Why is there is such a huge gap regarding good EOL experiences? 

Many Baby Boomers are 65 or more.  Another is that  Medicare reimbursement limits the amount of time that hospice can spend with a patient.  Decades ago people knew how to ‘care’ for loved ones with life limiting illnesses.  This lost ‘art’ and been replaced with science.  

Medical advancements have allowed us to live longer, thankfully,  but it has become a catch-22.   

As an EOL Occupational Therapist Doula, it is my gift to be able to balance medical aspects and bring humanity and natural aspect back to the dying process.  My goal is to uphold your specific EOL wishes, support your loved ones, advocate on your behalf, support you with dignity and respect as you transition onward as gently as possible. 

As your End of Life Doula I can offer the following:

Elder Care Consultant

Companion to the dying and loved ones

Suggest interventions for comfort, offer instruction and support

Assure that the advanced directive is available

Educate on 3 phases of end of life and appropriate care for each:

                    -Shock phase

                    -Stabilization phase

                    -Transition phase

Assess each visit for safety concerns, support systems, and any acute issues. 

Be the eyes and ears to notify Hospice team of any changes or new developments.

Contact members of client’s care team as needed, or funeral home at appropriate time.

Creating bucket lists, remembrance, & legacy projects

Plan and attend the sitting vigil with client and loved ones

Finding Peace and Acceptance, helping patient find meaning in life, and what their contribution was to this life.

Support you and your loved ones throughout the process.