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 What is an Elder Care Consultation

Jen will  reduce your fears and facilitate a more meaningful experience.  

She will walk you through the process of planning how you wish your end of life experience will go for you and escort you and your loved ones to create the necessary documents that will direct your choices to be honored.  Most of these steps can be taken at any time, any adult age.  

Going through this process is a gift to those who may have to make difficult decisions if you are not able to communicate or you die with no orders for your estate.  

During acute health declines everyone is stressed, this is not the time to have to make important decisions.  A good end of life doesn’t happen by chance, it should be well planned. 

This planning is priceless, in that once it is complete, most people feel a weight lifted and feel a peace and empowerment that results in being able enjoy their life.     

Advance Directives, 5 Wishes and discussion associated with family, make copies and distribute to necessary parties, family, medical doctors, etc..

                                 Consists of 2 – 1 hr. sessions; $150

Assist Client with necessary documents; organizing “in Case of Death Box” for those left behind

Create a comprehensive LIVE WELL end of life plan, based on Client’s informed understanding and heartfelt desires.

Discussion of organ or whole body donations

Assist with traditional and nontraditional funeral arrangements, advocate on your behalf.

Oversee other members of the care team, HHAs, Skilled Home Care, Housekeepers, etc.

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