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        Hi, I'm Jen

While caring for myself and my own family, I realized that there are significant gaps in healthcare. This led me to develop my own private practice honoring the whole person while offering personalized services to help you on your journey.  

I have a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OT),  and specialized training in Wellness, Energy Healing, Advanced Care Facilitation, and End of Life coaching & care. Through my own personal experiences and resources, I developed powerful healing programs and services including Intuitive Life Transformation Coaching and End of Life (EOL) Coaching

and Support services. 


Advance Care Directive & Wishes

Jen helps both you and your family understand your goals and values. She will guide you with your Advance Directive, 5 wishes, and facilitate a discussion with you and your family to understand how you want your wishes carried out. Jen also offers occupational therapy consultation and provides recommendations for home modifications, safety, and function when growing older at home.

End of Life (EOL) Coaching & Supportive Services

This is a non medical holistic support for you and your loved ones to live out your best life and end of life. Jen promotes pre-planning and helps with arrangements well in advance. During transition, Jen supports you and your wishes so they are carried out and your loved ones are supported every step of the way. 


Reiki Energy Healing & Intuitive Life
Transformation Coaching

When your energy centers are balanced, it has a positive effect on your overall health. Jen blends reiki into her practice while promoting wellness and prevention of disease. As a licensed occupational therapist, Jen provides skilled intuitive life coaching  to support your wellness journey focusing on your Mind/Body/Spirit.

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Here's what customers are saying

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I suffered through chemo therapy with tiredness, anxiety, nutritional imbalance, gastrointestinal disruption and general malaise. It was worse 2 days post infusion. Because Jen lived in another city and we had to isolate due to Covid, Jen would set up a zoom meeting for us and would reiki me from a distance. I always felt so much better after these sessions and it would carry over through most of the following week. I’m so impressed with Jen and the results I get from reiki. I would truly recommend her to help you through any life situation.

Laura S  


5482 Main Street

Suite 2

Lexington, Michigan 48450





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