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Health & Wellness

Are you seeking a more conscious, supported

and spiritual experience? Below you will find my offerings. Take a look and then reach out so we can customize the right service for you.


Reiki energy healing

Reiki Level I & II Workshops

Introduction to Meditation, Mindfulness & Reiki

Wellness Retreats & Events

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Holistic End of Life Planning & Support

I provide reiki, meditation courses, guidance and end-of-life planning and support. 

Take a look and reach out so we can customize the right service for you.

Introduction to Meditation, Mindfulness & Reiki

Meditation and Grief

Reiki for Physical Pain

Introduction to Holistic End-of-Life Planning

Holistic End-of-Life Planning

End-of-life Doula Support

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About Jen

Jen's studio, nestled in downtown Lexington, Michigan, creates an immediate sense of calm and lightness. With services available in-studio, on Zoom, or in the comfort of your home. Jen, holding a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, and brings over 20 years of experience in holistic care.

Bridging gaps in traditional care, Jen offers comprehensive support for conscious living and end-of-life planning. Through personal experiences and extensive training, she crafted powerful healing programs and end of life services. Jen is dedicated to guiding people through more open, informed, and authentic death experiences.

Book a FREE discovery consult with Jen to explore how her unique approach can support your journey. You'll be grateful you did! 🌿 To learn more about Jen's story,

and journey, check out the links below.


Customer Appreciations


Jen’s abilities to successfully teach and practice Reiki while meeting someone on their path to provide strength, wisdom and healing is phenomenal. This is truly her vocation. I credit it with her lifetime commitment to learn and achieve the wisdom she needs to perfect her skills, while still being humble enough to teach others all that she knows.

Anyone who comes to Jen for any of the services she provides will feel better in mind, body and spirit. You will feel fulfilled, heard, empowered and emotionally charged to go forth with a new focus on your future.

Lorie O.

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