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My mission: To help people live and die consciously through intuitive life coaching, retreats, and workshops that support development of your intuition and to normalize death, dying and grief. My services offer mind, body and soul centered care that supports individuals and their loved ones through family centered end of life care, advocacy, connection and grief transformation. 


Life Coaching, Events & Retreats

Are you feeling overwhelmed or losing sleep? Do you have fear or uncertainty about your future? Have you been diagnosed with long covid or any other illness and don't quite feel yourself? Do you want to be guided to a more conscious, supported

and spiritual experience? 


This service is designed for you! 


Explore skilled intuitive life coaching, workshops, and retreats to heal and reconnect your Mind, Body, and Soul connection. You will learn to rely on your intuition, experience mindful practices such as use of crystals, essential oils, mindful meditation, emotional freedom tapping and inquiry to release stressful thoughts.  You will be taught how to use these practices in your own life to promote wellbeing throughout your lifetime.  Each session will include reiki to provide a sense of peace and to initiate healing. 

Recommendation: 5-10 sessions and your readiness and commitment to heal or consider a workshop or 

retreat to get started on your journey.

Events and workshops include reiki training, wellness retreats, vision board, drum and rattle making workshops and more! 

Respecting Choices Advance Care Planning

Do you want to be heard and help your family to

be confident about your wishes?  


I help both you and your family understand

your goals and values.


We will review your current Advance Care Directive, or I will provide and guide you through the Living Will 5 wishes document, and facilitate a discussion with you and your loved ones in a supported environment to help them understand

how you want your wishes carried out.  


My 23 years in the medical industry and Respecting Choices Advance Care Training allows me to provide real life scenarios so you can make educated decisions to

put you and your family at ease.

Death Midwife  
Occupational Therapy Services

Are you a caregiver and need help, support and guidance with planning and caring for a loved one?


I provide guidance and supportive holistic care for clients and their families who are choosing to stay in their home instead of a facility throughout their lifetime or are facing a life limited diagnosis so that they can reduce fear and uncertainty, feel prepared and experience a peaceful transition

when it's time. ​


This sacred rite of passage deserves as much thoughtful and careful planning as any other life event.


I will walk you through the process and provide options including: home recommendations, community resources, preparing for death spiritually through legacy building, helping  complete unfinished business, doing the things you or your loved one still loves to do, assist with living out bucket lists, saying goodbye to places and people, and preparing the home environment for a sacred transition before and after death. I offer caregiver support and involve the family in the process if they choose, help prepare all for what is to come, provide presence & vigil services during the dying process, and help complete to do lists, the transition, grief, essential documents, and legal paperwork  while

carrying out your loved ones wishes.

As a midwife, I simply provide holistic, non-medical, emotional, spiritual and practical support for the dying and their families before, during and after the process. I aim to fill the gap between the medical profession, hospice, and the funeral industry. 

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       About Jen

Jen's studio is located in downtown Lexington Michigan. When you walk in, you immediately feel lighter and calmer! Services are offered in the studio, Zoom, or in the comfort of your own home. Jen holds a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy and has participated in extensive training programs in Wellness and End of Life preparation & direct care. She has worked in the medical industry for 23 years and blends both western and holistic practices together to best meet your needs. It is through her own personal experiences and training, that she developed powerful healing programs and transition services.


She fills the gaps among traditional  care and provides consistent support to those wanting to live more consciously and take a role in their healing process and guidance and supportive holistic care for clients and their families who are facing a life limited diagnosis to reduce fear and uncertainty and feel prepared to experience a peaceful transition. 


Jen provides compassionate comfort, guidance, conversation, gentle support, and a grounded presence. Set up a FREE discovery consult to see if working with Jen would be a good fit. You'll be glad you did!

Here's what customers are saying

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I suffered through chemo therapy with tiredness, anxiety, nutritional imbalance, gastrointestinal disruption and general malaise. It was worse 2 days post infusion. Because Jen lived in another city and we had to isolate due to Covid, Jen would set up a zoom meeting for us and would reiki me from a distance. I always felt so much better after these sessions and it would carry over through most of the following week. I’m so impressed with Jen and the results I get from reiki. I would truly recommend her to help you through any life situation.

Laura S  

Pebble Beach





    5482 Main Street Ste 2

    Lexington MI 48450

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