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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique applied for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. When the energy centers are balanced, it has a positive effect on the whole mind, body & spirit.

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Senior Care Consultation

Jen will offer education, support and guidance for you and your loved ones including Advance Directives, your 5 Wishes, facilitate a discussion with family, create a LIVE WELL end of life plan, offer resources, establish a in "Case of Death Box," and support you with your care in the home and final arrangements.

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Planning for and discussing your Advance Care Directive

Jen helps both you and your family understand your goals and values. She will guide you with your Advance Directive, 5 wishes, and facilitate a discussion with you and your family to understand how you want your wishes carried out.

Into the Light - metaphorical representation of releasing or letting a soul go, into the l

End of Life (EOL) Doula and Occupational Therapy Services

This is a non medical  holistic support for you and your loved ones in the last phases of life, during and after death. Jen supports your end of life wishes so they are carried out and loved ones are supported. Jen advocates on your behalf.


Hi, I'm Jen

I am so glad you are here. 

While caring for myself and my own family, I realized that there are significant gaps in healthcare. This led me to develop my own private practice offering personalized services to help so many others.  

I am a licensed Occupational Therapist (OT),  Energy Healer, Advanced Care Facilitator, and an End of Life Doula. Through my own personal experiences and specialized training, I have developed powerful healing programs and services including Reiki Energy Healing, Advanced Care Facilitation & consultation and care to promote quality of life during the final stage.

As an EOL Occupational Therapist Doula, it is my gift to be able to balance the medical aspects and bring humanity and individual approach back to the dying process.  My goal is to carry out your specific EOL wishes, support your loved ones, advocate on your behalf, support you with dignity and respect

as you transition onward as gently as possible. 


Are you going through the motions of life rather than enjoying it?

Do you feel “not quite right” physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally?

Do you want to learn how to heal your body and listen to your intuition?

Are you interested in finding out how you can advocate and be supported with communicating advanced care planning and end of life plans with your loved ones and healthcare team?

Do you wish to be supported to ensure a sacred profound experience with end of life planning?

Book your FREE DISCOVERY CALL NOW to see if working together

will be a great fit.

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Into the Light - metaphorical representation of releasing or letting a soul go, into the l

Jennifer is an exceptional person. She remains grounded and has an energy about her that is comforting and steadfast. Even during times of challenge, she remains steady and inspires confidence that all will be okay."

Deb W.

I suffered through chemo therapy with tiredness, anxiety, nutritional imbalance, gastrointestinal disruption and general malaise. It was worse 2 days post infusion. Because Jen lived in another city and we had to isolate due to Covid, Jen would set up a zoom meeting for us and would reiki me from a distance. I always felt so much better after these sessions and it would carry over through most of the following week. I’m so impressed with Jen and the results I get from reiki. I would truly recommend her to help you through any life situation.


Laura S.

I am sending so much gratitude for the wonderful learning. You are a beautiful soul and wonderful teacher!! I feel truly blessed to have gone through the Attunement of Reiki I and II.


Beth E.

Jen did a virtual Reiki healing for me after my kidney transplant. I had quick healing and very little pain. I highly recommend!

Amy D.

I highly recommend Jen’s reiki services. She is an amazing practitioner.

Mary Beth D.

Jen’s abilities to successfully teach and practice Reiki while meeting someone on their path to provide strength, wisdom and healing is phenomenal. This is truly her vocation. I credit it with her lifetime commitment to learn and achieve the wisdom she needs to perfect her skills, while still being humble enough to teach others all that she knows.

Anyone who comes to Jen for any of the services she provides will feel better in mind, body and spirit. You will feel fulfilled, heard, empowered and emotionally charged to go forth with a new focus on your future.

Lorie O.

My session with Jen was amazing and relaxing. Will definitely book again with her.

Polly W.

I felt so refreshed and relaxed after this session! Jen was extremely knowledgeable, kind and passionate about what she does. I can’t wait to visit her again in the future!


Olivia E.


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