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End of Life
Coaching & Support

I'm here to help you celebrate your life, inform you of your options, and guide you along the way.

Calm Sea

A Safe Place to Heal 
Grief Retreat

November 10-12, 2023

On the shores of Lake Huron

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End of Life Midwife

As a death midwife, Jen simply provides holistic, non-medical, emotional, spiritual and practical support for the dying and their families before, during and after the process. She aims to fill the gap between the medical profession, hospice, and the funeral industry. Ask her how.

Jen's mission: 

To help people live and die more consciously through community education, coaching, and normalizing conversations and services regarding death, dying, and grief.


Services focus on mind, body, and soul-centered care while guiding individuals and their loved ones through self-discovery, advocacy, connection, support, and transformation. 


Pre-Death Planning & Consultation 

Jen aims to help you and your loved ones to leave a detailed guide regarding your end of life wishes and provides compassionate care along the way. These services ultimately ease the rites of passage for the living and the dying. This thoughtful and careful planning is as important any other life event.

Jen helps you gain peace of mind  when reviewing healthcare, legal, and financial considerations, peace for your body with voicing your comfort, and personal considerations, peace for your heart with legacy planning, writing love letters, processing the unexpected, and choosing how and where you wish to be treated. In the final phase, peace for when you are gone with pre-planned burial and funeral arrangements and support for your loved ones to help care for themselves even after your death. 


End of life decisions and conversations can be very overwhelming, but making these choices while you are healthy in a relaxed and trusted environment is much easier and gives you total control and peace of mind. 

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